iFactory is an image manipulation program based on OpenGL and Qt. The main goal in developing iFactory was to create an image processing application which can handle a large amount of data with the help of todays graphics hardware like OpenGL consumer graphics cards or professional graphics workstations like SGI to make image processing significantly faster.


The viewing and basic image manipulation features of iFactory are implemented and ready to use. The concepts of saving images are implemented too, unless not fully functional.

iFactory is tested and runs on Linux (i386/x86_64). Former versions also run on IRIX. I cannot test, whether the current version runs on IRIX too - I have no IRIX platform available right now.

Screenshots (click for a larger image)

RGB Image Depth Image Curves (Red) Curves (RGB) Color Balance Color Dialog Image Information


iFactory is distributed in source and binary versions. Currently binary versions for

are provided. You have to download the corresponding binary packages in order to run iFactory. Install them and you are done.

If you like to compile iFactory on your own, have a look at the following installation instructions.
You have three options to compile iFactory:

  1. Download the ifactory_with_bsl-VERSION.tar.gz package, then simply type:

    make install

  2. Download ifactory-VERSION.tar.gz and libbsl-VERSION.tar.gz from here.
    Configure libbsl with at least the following options:

    ./configure --enable-qt

    Do a make, make install and make install_header afterwards.
    Now configure iFactory with at least the following options:

    ./configure --with-libbsl-dir=PATH_TO_BSL (e.g. /usr/local)

    make and make install have to follow and your are done.

  3. Download ifactory-VERSION.tar.gz and the libbsl-VERSION.tar.gz package from here.
    Untar it to the same parent directory to which you have untared iFactory. Then make a softlink:

    cd ifactory-VERSION
    ln -s ../libbsl-VERSION ./bsl

    Configure as usual and do a make and make install.


iFactory is designed and written by Jan Uschok. Many thanks to the people of AG4 at the Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik in Saarbruecken, especially Hartmut, for their help and assistance.


Binary distribution files and source tarballs of iFactory can be found here.
You can download libbsl (source and binary distribution) from this location.

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